• Resources for Parents

    Feel free to give us a call on 843-972-9284 to discuss your situation. If we can't help, we'll try to refer to someone who can!

    South Carolina Scholarships and Grants

    The South Carolina Commission on Higher Education has an information page about the LIFE Scholarship, Palmetto Scholarship, the HOPE Scholarship, need-based grants and other programs.


    These programs can be worth $5000 or more per year, so it pays to be informed. Our SAT and ACT prep course generally lift results by 100-200 points . When that qualifies your student for a scholarship, the return-on-investment is more than 20 to 1.


    College Counseling

    Shannon Pinson specializes in college placement counseling. She is a former admissions officer at Emory University and former Director of College Counseling at The Lovett School in Atlanta.


    She takes a personalized approach, working with each student for several months over the course of their college search and application process. She can be particularly helpful for those students looking to broaden their search beyond the schools in South Carolina.


    Shannon is based in Mount Pleasant. Her email is pinson.shannon@gmail.com.